Glennon Doyle Melton writes in her new book that is set to release September 6th that when crisis arrives in life, we are invited to sift through the details of our story that is being written and eventually we are left with only that which truly matters.

We actually get the word crisis from the latin word cribum which means to sift or to separate.

My journey through this soul sifting started four years ago to the day.

There’s a lot that sifted out, but it is with brutal joy that I can share what I was left holding after the sift.


An appetite for stillness.

Rediscovery of my true self.

Wonder & Awe.

A radar, thermometer, and tuning fork for the soul.


A quest for beauty.

A crisis isn’t necessary for all of us, but two consistent questions most definitely are.

What needs to stay?


What needs to go?

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Podcast 33: Tyler Merrick of Project 7


Tyler Merrick – Founder of Project 7

For much of Tyler Merrick’s life he has been a successful entrepreneur and benefactor for good across multiple platforms and organizations. Yet in 2008 Tyler found himself at a professional crossroads wanting to help more people through his business endeavors and be a catalyst for change in a continually inward consumer centric culture.

The answer was simple… “products for good!”

“If people are going to buy things, lots of things. Then let’s use those things they purchase to help change the world around us. Let’s make everyday products for everyday people to solve everyday problems around the globe”.

In 2008, Tyler Merrick became a Social Entrepreneur and Project 7 was born; a company dedicated to making ‘Products for Good”.

Tyler joins us in Episode 33 at Let The Music Play Podcast as we discuss business, leadership, and the art of learning from our failures.

As always, you can stream this episode and all other episodes in iTunes or at and please remember to share this episode with those you love and those you lead.

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The A-Z Manifesto.

Ask often.

Be yourself.

Curate daily.





Heal what needs healing.

Investigate where you’re curious.


Know your values and ask them to lead you.

Love. And when it doesn’t work, love again. And again.

Make music.

‘No’ changes everything.

Order. Disorder. Reorder.

Pause by orchids. Practice silence. Plow your field.

Questions are the greatest answers.

Responding > Reacting.

Simple is luxurious.

Take a sabbath.

Uncertainty tells a better story than certainty.

Value people.

Wholeness won’t happen without you gathering the pieces.

X marks the spot that’s called your soul. Don’t forget about X.

‘Yes’ is a gift you get to give. And you only have so many you can give.

Zeal + Humility + Humanity multiplied over time = a story worth repeating.


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