Vacant horizon
A mysterious welcome home
Learn to love thee

Behind us the known
The tasting of touch, the feeling of sounds
Eyes unwrap ahead
Who would want to turn around?


Seaside, Florida May 25, 2016

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Pocket Note(s)

You should put a little note in your pocket every morning.

Something short.

Something that you may need as a reminder.

What should it say today?

Write it down.

Slip it in your pocket.

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Another > Other

The dualistic mind loves to divide, separate, label, and categorize everything and everyone. It’s a constant tug of war between good/bad, up/down, left/right, in/out, win/lose, & us/them. As long as ‘other’ is in dialogue, the dualistic mind is at peace. Or so it thinks.

However, the soul only knows things in their entirety, embraces beauty as a whole, and is most at home in states of harmony and communion. Somehow it knows there’s a oneness with fire and rain, winter and spring, noise and music, and even with the separation of individual solitudes.

What if we all weren’t something ‘other’ to be labeled, but we each were ‘another’ form of love?

What if that were true?

What if that was a question you asked often?

Surely, we would enjoy more than we would critique, we would engage more than we would isolate, and we would rest in our individual and unique beings more than we would boast about our momentary doings.

So today…

As you jog by the stranger…see them as another form.

As you hold the door for one with their hands full…enjoy them as another form.

As you are waited on…learn from another form.

As you are cut off in traffic…forgive another form.

As you are misunderstood….love another, misunderstood, form.

And as you do what you do from the depth of who you are be another form of the great Love that is the engine to our universe.

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You’ll never know what you were missing until you can truly sit in, hold, and know the humble experience of being content.

Everything else is an illusion until this becomes a reality.

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